Mischke show notes: July 31, 2009

Pretty much planning on skippin' the light fandango this afternoon. Full bore.

I'll probably turn a couple cartwheels, big time, 'cross the floor

But avoid gettin' seasick when the crowd calls for more

That's called a little teaser, folks.

Gives you a cryptic hint as to the subject matter in today's Wild Stream.

You with me, so far?

Or is your room humming harder,

and your ceiling flying away?

No worries. Just call out for another drink,

and let some waiter bring a tray

Just call me Miller Mischke today, as I tell my tale,

and allow your ghostly face to turn a whiter shade of pale

  • Odd story of the day. Some news reports just leave you a bit off balance.
  • If this were my 6-year-old son, I would spend every weekend in a lawn chair, enjoying a cool drink and just watching him paint. I would ask nothing more from life.
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