Mischke show notes: July 29, 2009

  • 35 miles an hour, two inch gap, 14 inches to pass through, t'ain't nothin' my friend.
  • Weigh in boys and girls. Is this a look you're hungry for?
  • Now yesterday on the show I talked about all the gentleman getting hair taken off their bodies below the neck and then all the guys having it planted above the neck. Because of this, I think women are trying to differentiate themselves a little more and are saying, "okay we'll start taking it off above the neck thereby making it clearer who belongs to what gender."
  • I know this sounds crazy but, a look I'm really into these days is the "no-ear look." Some women are actually having their ears removed as way to more neatly sculpt their heads. I know you're probably struggling with this but it gets weirder still. Here's a woman who, after her ear was cut off, had it surgically attached to her buttocks. No joke. Now that's a look I'm not into but only because of the ear line that would exist through a pair of tight jeans. Panty lines I could take, but ear lines freak me out.
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