Mischke show notes: July 23, 2009


ATTENTION: Mischke had some troubles getting in the stream today. Read a note from Mischke below.

Mischke here. For the first time, in four and a half months of webcasting, the fault for today's failed delivery lies with me and me alone.

I screwed up.

It's not the fault of City Pages, not Village Voice Media, not Limelight. I literally failed to push a single important button properly, one I've been hitting everyday since March 4th. I hit it, but never looked back to notice it didn't respond. That's what happens when you think you have this shit down, when you're so sure of yourself you move like a cocky son-of-a-bitch, as though it's all second nature now. I learned a valuable lesson.

I'm not that good yet.

Sorry. The show did commence, but for me and my author friend alone. What a waste. No recording exists.

I am hurling myself off a balcony at present.

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