Mischke show notes: July 20, 2009

  • Today in the 'ol stream we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the faked moon landing. Armstrong comes clean and admits it was filmed in his cousin's back yard, and Buzz Aldrin damn near strangles the son-of-a-bitch. We have audio.
  • We talk about what the landing meant to Americans imprisoned by the Viet Cong in Hanoi (yeah they got wind of it). Did they care about this story? Did they wonder how we could pull off such a stunt yet fail to find a way to get them the hell out of there?
  • We also check in with someone who says a pop can is visible in one of the lunar photos (what's that about?). Seriously, this is something you can Google. I think it's legit.
  • Also, women's shoes and what all they mean. You read it right, women's shoes and what exactly they mean. I have a guest who swears this is a bigger story than Apollo 11. Hear it here first.
  • Finally, I'll have a guest in the stream who argues there actually is no moon, a conspiracy theory even I haven't heard. The nut claims it's some reflection of an Area 51 strobe light. Says he has proof.
  • I'll be having a beer during the show. I think I'll need it. Why don't you as well.
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