Mischke show notes: Jan. 6, 2010

Mischke show notes: Jan. 6, 2010

Today on Citypages.com's 'In The Stream' with T.D. Mischke:

Avatar. There has been no film like it in history. It is making more money than many thought humanly possible. Critics are raving, their jaws plastered to the floor. James Cameron is "King of the World" once again. But wait...........

Tune in today for a different take entirely.

Also: What the flamin' hooty hoo is this particular ailament?: Fatal Familial Insomnia. Well, it's a genetic condition suffered by betwen 40 and 50 families on the planet that can all be traced back to a 15th century Italian doctor who carried the mutation. By the age of 40, the gland in the brain that produces the sleep hormone disengages. These people slowly die of insomnia over the course of 9 to 15 months. Not one moment of restorative sleep can they find. Heard of it?

And lastly: The Aghori: The most fearfed sect of the Hindus. They worship Shiva, God of life and destruction, and live their lives in Indian cremation grounds, living off of food and clothes offered to the dead, covering themselves in bone ash to resemble shivas. They are cannibals. They beg with a bowl fashioned from a human skull. Heard of 'em?

We're trippin' the light phtasmic today, people. Into the water, doggone it!

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