Mischke Show Notes: Dec. 8, 2009


Today on's 'In The Stream' with T.D. Mischke:

"A Christmas Carol" is playing in town right now and I'm sick of it's message.
No, not the message of Scrooge's transformation. That part's uplifting. I'm talking about how Bob Cratchit teaches us all to be losers!

  • Bob Cratchit remains loyal to Scrooge despite paltry wages, suggesting it's heroic to be meek and mistreated.
  • There are three main principles of how humans operate --and Cratchit underscores the danger of asking for too little.
  • A Christmas Carol addresses the "chains forged in life," though a masochistic mindset creates shackles of its own.
  • Scrooge would become one of today's wealthiest one percent, while Bob Cratchit would likely be on food stamps. (Okay, these aren't my opinions, they're my guests. But tune in to find out how I handle it.)
  • Also: Judd Spicer goes stark raving mad. The sports blogger for City Pages is going to argue that the Vikings have already been sold, and will be playing in Texas next year! He says he has proof. (Okay that's my opinion not the opinion of Judd Spicer. But tune it to find out how I handle it.)

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