Mischke Show Notes: Dec. 7, 2009

  • What do you know about Christmas? Butkus that's what. Butkus!

  • We're going to rip this holiday apart, break it down, shake it up, rock it out, give it the once over, dissect it's guts, hold it up to the light. You want to witness that? It ain't going to be pretty, people. Robin Main is onthe show today.

  • Also: Introducing new blotter man Hart Van Denburg. He replaces the recently promoted Emily K. Let's haze the dude!

  • Plus: Sarah Palin is at the Mall right now and she's going freakin' nuts. She's ripped the head off a two-year-old and is eating it. I'm on it.

  • Lastly: Mourning the death of Hokey Pokey man, Robert Degen. Gone at 104. That song tops Rolling Stone's best songs of the 20th century. We'll dissect it, rip it apart, look it up and down, give it the once over, have at it with gusto and then lower the boom. Capiche?

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