Mischke Show Notes: Dec. 2, 2009

  • Tiger Woods announces he's gay. I mean Meredith Baxter announces she's gay. Tiger Wood's wife announces she's leaving. I mean Tom Cruise's wife is leaving him. Mischke announces he's leaving, I mean he's gay, I mean he's leaving the issue of whether or not he's gay to Meredith Baxter's first three husbands, who all say they no longer can tell on this stuff.
  • David Hansen makes his weekly appearance and talks "world's greatest spy:" Richard Sorge worked as a journalist in both Germany and Japan during World War Two. He was eventually imprisoned and  hanged.  He is widely regarded as one of the greatest spies in all of history. A little-known conspiracy theory of the Cold War holds that Richard Sorge was only "mock-executed" by the Japanese and was actually returned to the Soviet Union where he continued to work for the KGB. Hansen is reading volumes on this guy and has more to say than there's time for in any given lifetime.
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