Mischke show notes: April 9, 2009

  • For the first time, scientists have been able to photograph lightning inside a plume of ash spewing from an actively erupting volcano. Alaska's Mount Redoubt has rumbled back to life and scientists have found a way to peer through the dust and gas and photograph the lightning storm happening within. Lightning commonly flashes in the tumultuous clouds that are belched out during volcanic eruptions. Now, you've lived long enough to actually get a look at it. Aren't these wondrous times. Stay healthy, live long, and see more cool things in the future.
  • Talkin' BRA-ttitude today campers! Yeah, you heard me right. What is your bra-ttitude? Put another way, "what is your bra saying to you right now? Hey, I just find the stuff in the news and bring it to you. Don't beat up on me. I love the idea of bras communicating with us during our busy day. They must have a bitch of a time getting a word in edgewise. Are we even listening? Well, today on the show, I'm listening! In fact, I'm taking calls from bras. Oh bla dee, Oh bla da, give a call BRA! La la la la give a call!
  • What would you rather experience? This or this?
  • They're heading out once more. Scientists chasing tornados. These are not kids and this is not a game. They have much to learn and they're serious about it. But my prayer is that they have the same wild visceral eyes-wide thrill these boys had:

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