Mischke show notes: April 17, 2009

  • I ran into the word "grope" in a news story today. I've decided there is no time when that word is being used where one is in a good situation. If it's sex it's clumsy sex, or criminal sex (as was the case with the news story today). If it's in reference to reaching for something you desperately need, groping would indicate you're not real sure where that thing is. I just can't see the word being used it a real positive way, and I've come to dislike the term, intensely.
  • 75% of Texans surveyed want that state to remain a part of the US. Wonder how the survey would look if the rest of us could decide whether or not we want 'em?
  • I received this email from a listener:

This is just one of those odd things I recently heard, and I thought it might make for an interesting interview... There was an old punk band called The Monks that an old record-store geek like me really thinks was pretty influential and pretty amazing for their time. Anyway, recently, I was on Wikipedia, showing someone about this band and it turns out the singer, Gary Burger, is now the mayor of of Turtle River, Minnesota. I'm just curious how an old dadaist punk rock singer becomes the mayor of a town of 75. Thought it might make an interesting interview if you are interested.

  • I am indeed, and Gary will be on the show at 2:00 today.

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