Minnetonka principal says yoga pants expose too much "leg and backside," requests crackdown

In the principal's estimation, pants of this sort are making Minnetonka students a little too hot and bothered for academics.
In the principal's estimation, pants of this sort are making Minnetonka students a little too hot and bothered for academics.

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In September, a Minnetonka-area parent published a letter in Lake Minnetonka Patch decrying the fact that more and more girls are wearing sexy-fitting yoga pants to school.

"What's next? Bikinis in biology?" Jay Corn wrote (Corn is also the editor of Lake Minnetonka Patch).

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Well, apparently Corn and Minnetonka High School Principal Dave Adney are on a similar wavelength, because yesterday, Adney wrote a letter to parents requesting they encourage their girls to keep the bun-huggers at home.

But Adney and Corn differ in one respect -- whereas Corn called for an out-and-out ban on yoga pants, Adney decided to rely on the less-coercive power of persuasion.

Here's an excerpt from Corn's letter to the editor (emphasis mine):

I'm sure yoga pants are comfortable, but so are bathrobes and karate gis. I don't see girls wearing them to homeroom, however. Yoga pants are for--well, yoga--and have no place in school. They serve exactly one purpose--to draw boys' attention to areas fathers would rather not talk about or mention by name...

Parents who allow their teenager to wear yoga pants to school should reevaluate their decision. I'm all for allowing girls to wear what they wish, but yoga pants simply don't belong in school. Allowing them in class sends a wrong message about acceptable behavior and sets a general bad precedent on how our girls should present themselves to society.

And here's the entirety of Adney's letter to parents (emphasis mine):

Hello Parents of Minnetonka High School students,

This is Dave Adney with an update on high school fashion trends and a request.

As the weather gets colder we have noticed a fashion trend with our young women. Many of them choose to wear leggings usually made of spandex or another form of tight fitting material. In past years this has not been a major problem since fashion norms called for a long sweatshirt, jersey or sweater to be worn in conjunction with the leggings. This fall another pattern has emerged and we are requesting parent support.

Some of our girls have chosen to wear t-shirts with the leggings, thus exposing more leg and backside area. This can be highly distracting for other students and I am asking your assistance. If your daughters choose to wear leggings or other tight fitting clothing please support our goal of keeping things covered up. We encourage students to dress modestly and this trend is definitely a move away from our general expectations.


Dave Adney

"Highly distracting for other students"? We'll give Principal Adney credit -- he's obviously a highly skilled euphamiser.

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