Minnesota's new logo is the Loch Ness Monster

Minnesota's new logo, in honor of what appears to be a mythical Scottish beast.

Minnesota's new logo, in honor of what appears to be a mythical Scottish beast.

Minnesota has a new logo. 

Did you know it had an old one? 

Actually, it had a bunch: The state's assorted departments each had their own separately branded images. You might've seen these and not noticed what you were looking at. Here's a few to jog your memory.

Good enough, right?

Wrong. Now the state agencies are preparing to unify under just one symbol. This moment in Minnesota history is like when the early American states ratified the U.S. Constitution. (It's exactly like that.)

The new icon is being rolled out bit by bit, with each department taking the time to announce the rebrand on its own day. Clearly, we weren't ready for all this change to happen at once.

Tomorrow, the Department of Revenue -- a nicely branded way of labeling the agency that collects taxes -- joins the new era in market-driven Minnesota. Here's how the agency is preparing the people visiting its website:

"The new logo is part of a statewide branding effort of all state agencies, boards, and commissions to strengthen our shared identity as the State of Minnesota. Please be patient with us as we transition all of our content over to the new logo now through summer 2017."

You've been warned: You have less than 24 hours to prepare for some appearances of the new logo. Don't worry, the trusty old Department of Revenue logo will still be lurking in some places for the next six-plus months.

Revenue's announcement is at least less self-congratulatory than the one from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which, as noted by MPR, said the new look would "build trust (especially around cyber security issues)." 

And that's not all: "To support our diversity and inclusion efforts and goals around creating a 21st century workforce that reflects the diversity of all Minnesotans the state serves, the State of Minnesota is moving forward with a new, unified state brand across all state agencies."


None of these state agencies will address -- and the lamestream media won't ask -- the one question that's on everyone's minds: Why is Minnesota's new logo a drawing of the Loch Ness Monster?

Are we trying to become a "sister state" to Scotland? Is Minnesota hoping to un-re-Brexit and join the European Union with the Scots? God knows sometimes we sometimes don't fit in with our own region, either.

Or maybe this is a drawing of "Pressie," the occasionally observed serpentine monster known to frequent Lake Superior. Below, watch a short, uh, let's say "documentary" about Pressie.

If this whole new logo thing is just the state's long con attempt to drum up interest in the lake monster of local lore, consider it a success. If it was actually about "trust," "shared identity," "diversity and inclusion"? Please be patient with us as we roll our eyes through summer 2017.