Minnesota's Igor Vovkovinskiy is tallest man in U.S.

Igor dwarfs First Lady Michele Obama at a photo op
Igor dwarfs First Lady Michele Obama at a photo op

Life around us shorter folks must be a bit of an ordeal for Rochester's Igor Vovkovinskiy. Ducking through doorways, folding into cars, finding clothes that fit and pointing the shower head up, not down. But, owing to the fact he's 7 feet 8.33 inches tall, there's at least one benefit: He's officially the tallest man in America.

The tale of the Guinness World Record tape was just announced ahead of his scheduled appearance today on TV's The Dr. Oz Show.

Igor beat out the previous record-holder, Virginia deputy sheriff George Bell, by a third of an inch, according to Guinness.

All thanks to a tumor in his pituitary gland, evidently.

"It feels good to finally have proof that I am the Tallest Man in America. Everyone is always asking me if I'm certain that I'm the tallest and I was never able to prove it," he said. "Now that I have this certificate to hang on my wall, I could finally show it!"

He also gets free size-26 shoes shoes from a German cobbler named Georg Wessels, so there's that.

And you may remember that Barack Obama gave him a shout out last year during a speech at the Target Center.

"The biggest Obama fan in the country is in the house -- I love this guy," Obama said.

You can find Igor on Facebook, where he says, "This is a fan group for everyone who has seen me on TLC or National Geographic, or the newspapers... You guys don't want to hear my daily rants, trust me.

We like his profile picture: Weed on the tie dye shirt with a peace sign.

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