Minnesota's embarrassing world record: Longest ATV parade


We have to admit breaking any world record is pretty awesome. The Guinness Book of World Records was by far the top book to check out at the library as a kid, but simply for the best records. Like longest finger nails, longest time underwater, most tattoos, etc. But longest ATV parade? Can't we at least show some talent instead of admitting our hick roots?

The All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota broke the Guinness World Record for Longest ATV Parade this weekend. The parade totaled 1,632 ATVs in Silver Bay. Dang.

That total smashed the previous record of 1,138 ATVs in Kentucky. But don't act totally impressed with Minnesota's accomplishment. This wasn't a fluke. This same organization attempted to break the record last year, but missed by 55 vehicles. That says something, doesn't it?

ATVAM still has to verify this claim with the Guinness organization in the next several weeks before the record is official. For now we can just be proud our state has so many ATV lovers.

Either way, it's cool to say Minnesota made the record books again. Let's just try for something more impressive next time.