Minnesota's All-Hockey Hair 2017 video is here. Of course it's required viewing.

So sick.

So sick. YouTube

Sick flow: It's the aspirational ideal for all Minnesotans, but high school hockey players tend to own it in the highest concentrations. 

Look no further than last week's Minnesota boys' state high school hockey tournament, where cascading mullets, flowing locks, and attempted mustaches have become a tradition as rich as the hockey itself. 

Every year, Edina-born ad exec John King assembles a compilation of the best follicle action at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center. The 2017 All-Hockey Hair supercut, currently skating at 120,000-plus views, is destined for viral fame, just like its predecessors.

The video isn't without bits of contention. Trump, of course, plays a minor role in this year's edition, and tourney organizers, in supreme kill-joy fashion, criticized it as a distraction earlier this year. But don't confuse the clip for anything other than what it is: Minnesota's best, dumbest late-winter tradition. It's getting national shine, too. ESPN's own mulleted hockey ace, Barry Melrose, recently highlighted King's work with "Minneflowta: A Hockey Hair Chronicle."  

Released Sunday via Game On! Minnesota, this year's video is titled "Flowetry in Motion." And that's exactly what it is.