Minnesotans United's first TV spot targets Catholic voters

Minnesotans United's first TV spot targets Catholic voters
Photo: Youtube Screenshot.

In Minnesota's battle over the marriage rights of same-sex couples, there's hardly been a group more venomously in favor of a constitutional ban than the Catholics. In fact, they started lobbying for this amendment long before Minnesota was even a state.

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    But the primary opponents of the amendment have still held out hope of pulling a few Catholic voters to their side before November. In its first TV spot, Minnesotans United for All Families recruits "John" and "Kim," a Catholic -- and Republican suburbanite, no less -- couple who opened their minds after a gay couple moved onto their block, and the neighborhood didn't burst into flames.

    "They had adopted a little son, and they were the most wonderful neighbors," says Kim. "It taught all of us, in our little suburban world."

    Minnesotans United is hoping to raise $58,359 by midnight Saturday to keep the ad on the air, says spokeswoman Kelly Schwinghammer in a statement.


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