Minnesotans United will push for gay marriage in 2013

Minnesotans United will push for gay marriage in 2013
Get ready for round 2.

After leading a successful campaign against a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage this fall, Minnesotans United for all Families will refocus its efforts on trying to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013, the group announced Thursday.

Jake Loesch, spokesman for the campaign, says they are still in the early planning stages, so he couldn't get into specifics. But the group will move forward this coming legislative session under the same brand.

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"2013 is the year that we would like to change the state law to legalize marriage for same-sex couples," says Loesch.

Led by director Richard Carlbom, Minnesotans United raised more than $8 million throughout its campaign to defeat the amendment, and organized more than 27,000 volunteers.

The group will once again face off against Minnesotans for Marriage, the organization that pushed the doomed amendment, which has announced plans to lobby against same-sex marriage this coming session.

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