Minnesotans think Coleman should concede, KSTP polls says

Al Franken might be looking like a winner in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race, but that doesn't mean he is well liked. Minnesotans seem pretty fed up with Norm Coleman just the same. Can we have a redo with some other candidates, please?

A KSTP Survey USA poll released yesterday shows some interesting data on what Minnesotans think about the recount and current election challenge.

Nearly half of Minnesotans disagree with Norm Coleman's decision to contest the election, while 42 percent agree. About 44 percent think Coleman should concede, while 31 percent wish we could have another election altogether. 

A majority of Minnesotans, 56 percent, found the recount to be fair to both candidates. About 31 percent, mostly Republicans, believe the recount was unfair to Coleman.

The poll didn't have any good news for Franken either. Both are losing support of the state. On election night, each candidate received 42 percent of the votes. Only 38 percent of Minnesotans surveyed said they view Coleman favorably. 44 percent have an unfavorable view. Franken scored similarly with 37 percent favorable and 45 percent unfavorable.

Watch the full KSTP report here: