Minnesotans still like Obama while other states are wavering


In the latest multi-state Survey USA poll on President Obama's job performance, his support is quickly slipping. But not in Minnesota. We still stand behind our man.

About 61 percent of Minnesotans said they approve of his job performance in March. That's only down from 64 percent in January, while other states have seen double-digit drops.

About 32 percent of Minnesotans say they disapprove of Obama's performance.

Smart Politics analyzed the Minnesota numbers with other states surveyed. Minnnesota's approval drop is the lowest of the 12 states polled each month by SurveyUSA.

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By contrast, Obama has lost support among Wisconsinites at more than 5 times this rate. Falling at a 24.3 percent clip since his inauguration, the President has seen his approval rating drop from 70 percent in January to 53 percent in March in the Badger State - the largest dip across the 12 states. Obama's approval rating fell 11.7 percent since February (60 percent).

Obama is also seeing a larger than average erosion of early supporters in Iowa, where 57 percent now approve of the job he is doing as president, down 16.2 percent from January (68 percent) - the third largest drop in support among the 12 states polled by SurveyUSA. The President's job approval rating fell 9.5 percent since February in the Hawkeye State (63 percent).

Wisconsin is the only state of those surveyed where Obama's current approval rating (53 percent) is lower than his statewide vote percentage (56 percent) in November.