Minnesotans still have third-highest well-being

In the Midwest, Minnesota is the place to be... and it's not even close, according to the study.
In the Midwest, Minnesota is the place to be... and it's not even close, according to the study.
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You can say this about Minnesotans -- in general, we don't think our lives suck.

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This year's version of Gallup-Healthways' Well-Being Index pegs Minnesota at third for the second consecutive year. Last year, we came in behind Hawaii and North Dakota. But this year, Colorado comes in behind Hawaii, with NoDak experiencing a precipitous fall all the way to 19th, possibly because of all the sexually frustrated dudes up there.

USA Today provides a succinct explanation of the study's methodology:

For the well-being index, Gallup conducted phone surveys from a random sample of 1,000 people daily for 350 days a year. People answered questions about their physical health (chronic health conditions, obesity); lifestyle behaviors (smoking, diet and exercise); emotional health (outlook on life, sadness); work environment (enjoying their jobs, relationship with supervisors); basic access (health care, food); and life evaluation (how they rate their lives). The survey measures 50 metrics of overall health and well-being. Gallup then analyzed the results to develop the annual index, which began in 2008.

And here's a table showing how Minnesota's 2012 well-being results compared to 2011 (click to enlarge):

Minnesotans still have third-highest well-being

To read Gallup-Healthways' complete Minnesota breakdown, click here.

Nationally, 53 percent of adults surveyed last year characterized their lives as "thriving." Forty-four percent said they're "struggling" and 4 percent were "suffering." Apparently, for the majority of Americans, life ain't so bad after all.

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