Minnesotans should procreate to save U.S. House seat

There are few times in Minnesota where we ask you to do your duty as an American citizen. This is one of them.

Start making babies to save a U.S. House seat for Minnesota. You've got 16 months, which is plenty of time to procreate once and potentially adopt one on the side. All in the name of Minnesota. We don't want Texas, of all states, to steal our seat do we?

Do it early, do it often. Please! We might have a state of unwanted babies, but at least we get to keep valuable representatives like Michele Bachmann.


From the Star Tribune:
State demographer Tom Gillaspy says Minnesota is "right on the cusp" of losing a congressional seat after the 2010 census. That's when seats in the U.S. House are reapportioned to reflect population shifts. Gillaspy says Sun Belt states including Texas and Arizona will gain seats, while northeastern and Midwestern states including New York, Ohio and Iowa will lose.

Minnesota Public Radio gives us the good news:

The good news is that Minnesota is only about 1,800 people from making the list. That's about two weeks of population growth in Minnesota. "It's close," Gillaspy told the legislators and political wonks who turned out for the discussion. "It's closer than the Senate recount right now." And with exactly 16 months before Census Day (April 1, 2010), there's still time to close the gap.