Minnesotans rally to save Starbucks (not kidding)

Minnesota-based companies are slashing staff, cutting back and freaking out the local economy. Small businesses are quietly closing their doors, sometimes receiving a sad obituary, but most likely disappear without a peep from caring customers. But when Starbucks decides to close their location in your hometown, well damnit, that's a travesty. Let's rally to save it! 

Only in Stillwater. Or so we'd like to imagine.

The Pioneer Press has a story about a group of Stillwater residents who are just so upset their city's Starbucks is leaving town that they are actually going to rally to save it. We could think of 100 other things that should be rallied for instead, but that's another story. 

More from the PiPress:
Starbucks announced last week that the Starbucks at 324 S. Main St. will close Feb. 27. Starbucks officials said the company would slash 6,700 jobs and close an additional 300 stores -- including 200 in the U.S. 
"The coffee shop has become a second home to a lot of people, and we hate to lose our house," said Kevin Thode, a Stillwater resident who is spearheading the "Save Our Starbucks" effort. "We hope that they change their minds and realize that it's not always about the bottom line." 
Thode said a rally will be held at noon Feb. 14 on the plaza in front of the store.
Here is the response the PiPress received when they contacted Starbucks:
"Our Stillwater location is scheduled to close. The lease was set to expire on this store at the end of February, and we decided not to renew it. We are humbled by the support we've received from our partners and customers regarding the closure of this store. We recognize the impact this has on the community, and we value the feedback that we have received from our customers."