Minnesotans love the smoking ban as much as the Vikings, less than walleye dinners, State Fair

Nearly a year after Minnesota implemented a statewide smoking ban, the new law is getting high marks from residents. A new survey released today by

ClearWay Minnesota

, a strong nonprofit advocate of the ban, shows that 77 percent of Minnesotans support it with 41 percent indicating strong support.

In fact, the smoking ban is more popular than the Mall of America (69 percent) and State Fair Pronto Pups (69 percent).

But as much as we love coming home from the bars and not smelling like a pathetic ashtray, we still can't give up the deep passion we have for other Minnesota staples. Walleye dinners (89 percent), Minnesota State Fair (86 percent), and the Minnesota Twins (83 percent) are still cooler than smoke-free places. The Minnesota Vikings rating tied with the ban.

Here are some other findings from the survey: -- 85 percent of Minnesotans think secondhand smoke is a health hazard. -- 86 of Minnesotans believe that restaurants and bars are healthier for customers and employees now that they are smoke-free. -- Where do these supporters live? (75 percent in the Twin Cities; 81 percent in the west metro; 80 percent in the east metro; 73 percent in northern Minnesota; and 79 percent in southern Minnesota).

Read the full report at ClearWay Minnesota.

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