Minnesotans have relatively small penises, study says

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and the smallest packages in the five-state area.
Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and the smallest packages in the five-state area.

Minnesotans have the 39th "largest" penises out of the 50 states in 'Murica, according to a study put together by Condomania, an online business which bills itself as the country's first condom store.

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Looking for something a little larger? Travel northwest to NoDak. According to the study, NoDakians are packing the largest units in the land. No wonder it's so damn sexy up there.

As you might have already inferred, Condomania put together the list by looking at the condom sizes purchased from each state.

Here's the full ranking, with the states bordering us in bold:

1. North Dakota
2. Rhode Island
3. South Dakota
4. District of Columbia
5. Massachusetts
6. Ohio
7. Arizona
8. Alabama
9. New York
10. South Carolina
11. Colorado
12. Maryland
13. Wisconsin
14. New Jersey
15. California
16. Florida
17. Connecticut
18. Virginia
19. Oregon
20. Pennsylvania
21. Washington
22. Tennessee
23. New Mexico
24. Iowa
25. Illinois
26. Louisiana
27. Vermont
28. Utah
29. Maine
30. Nebraska
31. Idaho
32. Kansas
33. Delaware
34. Michigan
35. Nevada
36. New Hampshire
37. Oklahoma
38. Montana
39. Minnesota
40. Kentucky
41. Texas
42. Indiana
43. West Virginia
44. Missouri
45. Alaska
46. North Carolina
47. Wyoming
48. Arkansas
49. Hawaii
50. Mississippi

Of course, as a Time blog post about the study points outs, since the ranking is based merely on what condoms people are purchasing, "the states at the top of the list may just have an impressive lack of self-awareness."

But then again, the Dakotas do occupy two of the three spots on the largest list. Is it a coincidence or is there something male enhancing in the water up there?

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