Minnesota Zoo baby dolphin's new name is Taijah

Apparently we're pretty much over "Flipper." Meet Taijah.

Apparently we're pretty much over "Flipper." Meet Taijah.

"Flipper" it isn't.

The crowd-sourced name for the Minnesota Zoo's new baby dolphin is "Taijah," the zoo's marine mammal supervisor, Diane Fusco, told us this afternoon. More than 1,800 names were submitted in the competition we told you about in October.


Fusco's staff narrowed the list down to three names and then posted the options to Facebook. About 3,000 "freinds" chimed in as a result. "Taijah" garnered 37 percent of the vote. Runners up were Marais, with 35 percent, and Sealie with 28 percent.

No automatic recount was triggered because the margin of victory was outside the state-mandated on-half of 1 percent.

"It's a unique name" Fusco said. "It sounds strong."

Taijah was born in July to Allie, a 23-year-old Atlantic bottle nose dolphin who moved to the zoo in 2008. Taijah's handlers described her as "spunky, inquisitive, bold and sassy." She made her first public appearance in October.