Minnesota YouTube wedding couple gets classic NYC welcome


The Minnesota couple-turned-Internet-superstars had their big moment in the spotlight last week when the YouTube video of their wedding procession blew up around the world. The video of their wedding party dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever" has nearly 8.5 million views as of this morning, but don't expect that kind of fame without some good old-fashioned New York City bitchiness.

Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson flew out to the Big Apple Friday for a live interview with ABC's Good Morning America. NBC's Today Show also swooped in for a spot with the couple. And before they knew it, their fun turned into disaster when ABC canceled their hotel room and flight for playing with their competitor.

So much for a warm welcome. 

If you've been living under a rock, here is the original video. The couple has now blocked embedding of their YouTube clip.

According to a New York Post report, ABC was pretty pissed that the couple did a pre-taped interview with NBC that ran before their live appearance on GMA.

"We've been kicked out of our room," Kevin told NYP from the lobby of the Millennium Hotel. "New York is cut-throat. That's what we've learned."

ABC flew them out to NYC and paid for their hotel. To top it off, ABC found out about Today's plan to fly out the entire wedding party for a reenactment of their dance. That was the final straw. ABC canceled their hotel and flights immediately.

Luckily NBC was there to swoop in and help the stranded couple. NBC execs moved them to another hotel and booked them a flight home.

GMA tried to make their move look courteous in the NYP" "We figured they'd be happier staying with their whole wedding party on the 'Today' show's tab. It certainly makes us happier," a GMA exec said.


The Today Show fired back the best jab of all.

"Today" publicist Megan Kopf told the Pioneer Press in an e-mail that the network was "more than happy to make up for our competitor's bad manners."