Minnesota, Wisconsin taking opposite approach to e-cig regulations


Right now, e-cigarettes are essentially unregulated in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, meaning individual businesses can decide whether or not to allow vaping inside their premises.

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Bills addressing that state of affairs have been introduced in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, but each takes a very different approach to regulating e-cigs.

As we told you about in November (see link below), Rep. Phyllis Kahn, D-Minneapolis, has introduced a bill that would ban e-cigs from being vaped in indoor public places by adding them to Minnesota's Clean Indoor Air Act. A companion bill in the Senate has already made it through two committee hearings.

But over in Wisconsin, the Republican-controlled legislature is considering a bill that would exempt e-cigs from the state's smoking ban and allow people to vape in bars, restaurants, and lodging establishments. The bill's author, Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend -- the same guy who last year said of Kwanzaa, "It's time it's slapped down once and for all" -- expects it to pass without significant opposition next legislative session, if not this year.

With the health implications of e-cigarettes still up for debate, the respective bills illustrate the opposing regulatory approaches states are taking. Should e-cigs be given the benefit of the doubt, or not?


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