Minnesota Wild's Matt Dumba, good dude, helps stalled driver on freezing night

Minnesota Wild player Matt Dumba stopped to help a stranded family on an icy Minnesota night earlier this week.

Minnesota Wild player Matt Dumba stopped to help a stranded family on an icy Minnesota night earlier this week. Nicholas Swanson, Facebook

Winter’s hard in Minnesota. But it’s reassuring to know that there’s a little someone out there watching over us.

Or not so little, in the case of Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba.

On Monday night, bystander Nicholas Swanson happened upon the hockey player while performing that routine Minnesota miracle of helping someone when it is very cold.

“Tonight as I was driving home, I noticed a car stalled in the middle of the road,” he reported to Facebook. The lights were dead and the engine quiet, and a small gas tank was dandling from its side. Things looked bad—especially on a punishing, 4-degree night—so he decided to stop.

Swanson “immediately” recognized Dumba, 25, as the good Samaritan helping the stalled vehicle's owner, and said Wild player had already ferried some gas from the nearest station. 

“We helped jump-start his vehicle, and the smile and amount of joy was priceless as he hugged and thanked us,” Swanson wrote. “I can’t help but think of how many people didn’t stop, drove right by, and how helpless they probably felt sitting there getting colder and colder.”

It would have been easy, Swanson said, for Dumba to drive right by, too. He was fresh off a heartbreaking loss to the Florida Panthers, and the night was indeed cold. Instead, he’d gone out of his way to help some folks he didn’t know. You can find the full account here.

Dumba (our choice for Best Wild player last year) is being modest about the whole thing. When KARE 11 reached out for the scoop, he admitted he hadn’t had anything going on for the rest of the night, and it was the “least” he could do. This is coming from a man who, according to Bring Me the News, recently donated over $11,000 to an Australian wildfire relief fund.

Meanwhile, Twitter users are demanding he “be protected at all costs.” After all, we’re beginning to think he’s been the one protecting us.

So, next time you think you’re without a friend, keep a smile in your heart and your stick on the ice. Maybe—just maybe—Dumba will do you a solid, too.