Minnesota Was Warmer Than Arizona and Most of Florida Yesterday

Bizarre is the new normal when it comes to weather

Bizarre is the new normal when it comes to weather

Yesterday morning Minnesota hit a record high of 51 degrees, which was warmer than almost everywhere else in the nation.

The unbelievable mid-December heat wave had the state feeling as warm as just about anywhere on either coast, but Daniel Luma with the National Weather Service station in Chanhassen said things will quickly return to normal. See also: Today Is One of the Most Minnesota Weather Days Ever

"We expect the rest of winter to be close to normal," he said. "The chances are pretty good we will have a white Christmas. There will be some opportunities for snowfall in the near future, it's just hard to say where exactly. It may even be on Christmas day in the metro area."

Luna said the freakish heat wave was caused by an abnormal jet stream, which abruptly started running north-south instead of its usual southwest-northeast flow.

"It just allowed all kinds of warm, moist air to move very far north in the central United States," he said. "I think the data is showing we're having more wild swings. It seems like middle ground is not as common as it once was."

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