Minnesota wants monopoly on Honeycrisp

Minnesotans are proud of homegrown creations, particularly our Honeycrisp apples. Thank you University of Minnesota for making us love apples again.

Well Honeycrisp apples aren't our little secret anymore. The country is going wild for this super sweet fruit and many other orchards outside of Minnesota are trying to recreate our perfection. Sorry Washington, you just can't do it like we do.

Now the University of Minnesota is concerned these replicas are ruining the apple's reputation and wants to put restrictions and standards on the apple's growth to keep the quality high. These apply creators aren't joking around.

Watch the KSTP report here: 

Many of the Honeycrisps currently on the shelves in Minnesota weren't grown here and are huge rip offs, apple producers say. The apples, grown in Washington state or Canada can't replicate the unique flavor created in Minnesota's cold climate. 

"Not to say you can't have good apples from other states, but we are starting to see more and more apples that are not up to the grade, the quality that we intended originally," explained apple breeder David Bedford with the University of Minnesota to KSTP. 

Can the U of M become the apple police? When it comes to the Honeycrisp, we say heck yes.