Minnesota Vikings: Victims of crazy QB runs by RG3, Vick, and Steve Young [VIDEOS]

RGIII's run wasn't the first time the Vikes have experienced opposing QB beastmode.
RGIII's run wasn't the first time the Vikes have experienced opposing QB beastmode.

Robert Griffin III's game-deciding 76-yard TD run looked painfully familiar to longtime Vikings fans.

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Dating back to 1988, the Purple have been now been on the losing end of three of the most memorable quarterback TD runs in NFL history, all of them courtesy of young athletic quarterbacks who had breakout performances against the Vikes.

The first of the trio came in October 1988, when a 27-year-old Steve Young rumbled and stumbled for a 49-yard TD that was the deciding play in the 49ers' 24-21 victory. Young was in his first year as a backup to Joe Montana at the time, and his run against the Vikes was the first notable play of his NFL career. After taking over for Montana in 1991, he went on to become a two-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl winner.

The second crazy QB run came in 2002 when Michael Vick, then in his second year in the NFL, ran right through the Vikings for an overtime touchdown and Falcons victory, putting a cherry on top of a ridiculous 173 rushing-yard performance that still represents the record for quarterbacks. It also remains a testament to just how slow the Vikings defense was during the early Mike Tice era.

Finally, on Sunday, RGIII did his best Vick impersonation while running around the Vikings defense for a 76-yard game-deciding TD. 'Skins fans who were still unsure how they felt about the load of picks their team gave up to draft the rookie quarterback aren't anymore.

If the Young and Vick plays are precedent, expect RGIII to parlay the momentum from his breakout performance against the Vikes into a nice little NFL career.

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