Minnesota universities join the rest of the nation in plying presidents with CEO salaries

By Eliot Brown

In recent years, colleges have been overwhelmed by an arms race of sorts, where both public and private institutions battle each other with bigger and better student centers, athletic buildings and dorm rooms, sending the cost of tuition through the roof.

At the forefront of this war is college president compensation, where CEO-like salaries are beginning to take hold with a handful of presidents receiving over $1,000,000, as reported in a survey released this week in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Minnesota salaries have not quite reached the ridiculous level of schools such as American University, where the former president is being handed a $3.75 million compensation package after he was released for spending improprieties. In Minnesota, the average compensation with salary and benefits for 4-year private college presidents was around $225,000 in the 2003-2004 academic year, according to the Chronicle. However, that average has jumped 33 percent since 1997-1998, the oldest year reported on the Chronicle's website.

Minnesota universities join the rest of the nation in plying presidents with CEO salaries

The list for 2003-2004, as reported to the Chronicle of Higher Ed.:

Augsburg College, William Frame, $211,622 Bethel University, George Brushaber, $220,890 Carleton College, Robert A. Oden Jr., $427,073 College of St. Benedict, Carol Guardo, $245,371 College of St. Catherine, Sister Andrea J. Lee, $0 College of St. Scholastica, G. Larry Goodwin, $240,258 Gustavus Adolphus College, James L. Peterson, $226,364 Hamline University, Larry G. Osnes, $285,880 Macalester College, Brian Rosenberg, $283,912 St. Mary's University, Brother Louis DeThomasis, $185,700 St. Olaf College, Christopher Thomforde, $229,915 University of St. Thomas, Rev. Dennis Dease, $229,915

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