Minnesota Twins have worst run differential in the MLB, second largest attendance decline

Sure, a baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. But the Minnesota Twins are like a distance runner experiencing bilateral leg weakness during the first mile.

You see, through 18 games, the Twins have been bad -- really, really bad, with their struggles epitomized by an 11-2 beatdown at the hands of the Boston Red Sox last night where our team couldn't hit or pitch.

In fact, you could make a strong argument that the Twins have been the worst team in the MLB thus far. Their -37 run differential is far and away the worst of out all 30 teams, 12 runs worse than the 29th-place Kansas City Royals. The Twins' 5-13 record is also second worst, again only ahead of the Royals' 3-14 mark.

And despite the fact that Target Field has barely been open for two years, attendance has been declining along with the Twins' fortunes.

Last year, Target Field averaged 38,642 per game. This year, through eight games, average attendance is down to 33,495. That drop of 5,147 fans per game is the second largest in the league, with last-place honors going to Michael Cuddyer's Colorado Rockies.

Presumably fans have been turned off by all the losing. Either that or the Twins have more cigarette smoking fans than the organization bargained for.

In any event, it looks like Twins fans are in for a long season. But on the bright side, scalper tickets should be cheap, right?

-- Hat tip to David Brauer for pointing out the Twins' attendance decline in a tweet.

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