Minnesota tot and doggie go mega-viral [VIDEO]

What happens next?!

What happens next?! Facebook

Like many two-year-olds, Conway Nelson loves dogs and loves playing catch, according to his dad, KARE 11 photojournalist Chad Nelson. Unlike almost every other two-year-old, the Minneapolis tot just went crazy viral by playing catch with a dog. 

The viral moment was born earlier this week in Savage, where young Conway and his mom were enjoying a play date with friends. Suddenly, the neighbor's Labrador, Dozer, popped his head over the backyard fence and lobbed a ball toward Conway.

Family friend Erin Richter captured what happened next:

That video of Conway and Dozer has since racked up more than 2.5 million (!) views on Facebook. 

"It’s been a joy to see people find joy in our son's experience," says Chad Nelson, adding that the adorable game of catch lasted about 10 minutes. "We couldn’t believe that people found it so cute; we just thought our friends and family would enjoy it."