Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Yesterday, we brought you the story of the TimberTrolls, the hottest thing to hit Minnesota Timberwolves' online fanbase since... well, they're probably the hottest thing to ever hit the Wolves' online fanbase.

And while they've only been at it for about a month, the Spaniards have already accounted for a list-worthy trove of photoshopped photos and animated GIFs. So without further ado, and in honor of the No. 7-wearing basketball sensation that made Spain give a shit about Minnesota's NBA team in the first place (actually, let's say it's in honor of No. 7-wearing Derrick Williams -- apparently Joe Mauer was on the brain when this was written), here's the top-seven Troll-inspired images thus far.

7. Ricky Potter

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Rubio's silky-smooth game is nothing short of Wizardly, so Ricky Potter is a good look for him. Wes Johnson harkens back to one of Prince's band-mates from the '80s, and Darko... wait, why the hell does Darko make an appearance here anyway?

6. Wild Wild West

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

If you've watched a little bit of T-Wolves action during the past couple seasons, then you know that Wes Johnson unfortunately just isn't very good at basketball. Will Smith's Wild Wild West action-comedy was also pretty bad. Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it.

5. Tolliver Twist

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Anthony Tolliver has an old-school game, so the Dickens reference works. Also, love the attention to deal with this one -- "A film by Rick Adelman," "Coming soon (in playoffs)." Long-suffering T-Wolves fans can only hope!

4. Pek kicks some royal ass

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Pek's southeastern European heritage, threatening tats, and huge, imposing stature would've made for a great 300 character. Fittingly, he's shown here kicking the tar out of DeMarcus Cousins, whom he dominated on the way to a Wolves victory last Wednesday.

  3. Luke Ridnowar

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Luke's demeanor is more alternative rock than '80's metal, but major points here for the inclusion of Russell Westbrook's decapitated head. Unfortunately, in real life Russ breaks Luke's ankles before the Wolves' veteran guard knows what hit him.

2. Troll Busters

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Great image here, but what's with the "We're ready to believe you" tagline? Should've been "Who you gonna trade?" or something along those lines. But it's impossible not to love Anthony "Trolliver" Tolliver's appearance here. What an uncanny resemblance to ET!

1. K-Love's day off

Minnesota TimberTrolls: Top 7 images

Ferris Bueller skipped school and went downtown. Kevin Love stomped on Scola's face, got suspended, and went Uptown.

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