Minnesota Teacher Performance Assessments: Audition tapes we'd like to see

Is there a new Mr. Hand waiting in the wings?

Is there a new Mr. Hand waiting in the wings?

Minnesota has come up with a new way to evaluate public school teacher applicants. It's called the Teacher Performance Assessment, and one of its requirements is that classroom hopefuls submit a video of their classroom prowess for evaluation. An audition tape, if you will.

That got us thinking about audition tapes we'd like to see:


Van Halen: Hot For Teacher

We need teachers who can think outside the box when trying to educate lecherous narcissists like David Lee Roth:

Charlie Brown: Roll Call

Applicants should earn extra points for being able to gain the attention of even the most hard-to-reach students.

Spicoli vs. Hand

Teachers need to be able to stand up to students like Jeff Spicoli, who've been stoned since third grade. We vote for Mr. Hand.

Goofy: Teachers Are People

Public schools draw kids from every walk of life, some of them not so eager to take advantage of the opportunity. For those kids, we need role models like Goofy.