Minnesota tea partiers fall for fake Islamophobic article

The MNGOP's new social media memo must not have reached southern Minnesota, as late last month, the Rochester Tea Party Patriots sounded the alarm about an anti-Muslim "report" they apparently couldn't figure out is fake.

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Here's the commentary whoever moderates the Rochester tea partiers' Facebook page provided to the satirical Diversity Chronicle's piece about a German woman who was (not really) convicted of raping eight Pakistani Muslim men: "THIS IS MAKING IT'S [sic] WAY TO AMERICA. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!"

Even though the article is widely known to be a hoax, it remained on the Rochester Tea Party Patriots' Facebook page yesterday.

Here's a screengrab (The second paragraph is copied and posted from the Diversity Chronicle's piece):

The existence of the Facebook post was revealed by Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen, who wrote that the Rochester tea partiers "seem to be of the School of 'Anything Scary About Muslims Must Be True,' especially if it's illustrated by a stock photo of angry Muslim-looking dudes."

It's debatable how many other people even noticed the post, as yesterday afternoon, well over a week after its publication, it still had zero "likes" and zero comments.

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