Minnesota state shutdown: What's open

The deadline for a solution is tonight at midnight.

The deadline for a solution is tonight at midnight.

If you're planning your Fourth of July weekend, you should keep in mind what will or won't be available if the state government shuts down on Friday. In total, 75 different state agencies will be affected, with 46 set to shut down altogether.

What's staying open? The Minnesota Highway Patrol can still pull you over, for starters. In fact, all 600 Troopers are going to be on patrol today.


Here's what closed, and open:

  • Education Department
  • State parks, camp grounds, trails.
  • State lottery.
  • State tourism office.
  • Canterbury Park race track.
  • Child-care assistance, services for the deaf, criminal background checks.
  • All state licensing boards (nursing, for example) and offices (e.g. drivers licenses)
  • Motor vehicle registration.
  • Almost all Department of Transportation road repair.
  • Minnesota Zoo (animal care won't be affected).
  • State emergency/disaster agencies.
  • State Patrol.
  • Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
  • State prisons and regional treatment centers.
  • State tax collections.
  • Federally mandated services: medical assistance; food stamps.
  • Payments under the MinnesotaCare health insurance program.
  • Unemployment payments.
  • Workers compensation claims and benefits.
  • VA homes and programs.
  • Health and safety inspections of health care facilities.
  • Food safety inspections.
  • Workplace safety enforcement for high-risk employers.
  • State payments to cities, counties and schools.
  • Governor's office (bare bones staffing).
  • Funding for the Legislature and its anticipated special session.
  • Security at state buildings.
And of course, a government wouldn't be a government if it didn't collect taxes, so Minnesotans' money will continue to pour in, whether they're getting services or not.  Of course, there's still money to fund the legislature, while Gov. Mark Dayton's staff will be pared down during a shutdown. Taxation with representation, but not much else.