Minnesota State Patrol cruisers struck twice as often this year [PHOTOS]

The remains of Lt. Chris Edstrom's squad car.

The remains of Lt. Chris Edstrom's squad car.

So far this winter, 22 Minnesota State Patrol squad cars have been struck by motorists while officers have been helping people in need on the highways. That's more than twice as many crashes as last year at this time, and the the State Patrol is asking people to pay more attention to their driving.

The latest accident came Monday when a passing motorist smashed into State Patrol cruiser stopped on I-35W near Forest Lake split. Here's the aftermath:


Lt. Chris Edstrom was helping a driver on the shoulder of the highway when his squad car was hit. He suffered minor injuries in the collision.

Edstrom is one of five troopers injured in similar accidents this winter.

In case you didn't know, the state's "Ted Foss Move Over" law requires that you slow down and move over when you see emergency vehicles stopped by the side of the road.