Minnesota State Fair glitter-bombed over anti-gay marriage booth [VIDEO]

Minnesota State Fair: Glitter-bombed from above.

Minnesota State Fair: Glitter-bombed from above.

Not even the Minnesota State Fair is safe from glitter-bombers.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together attracted the attention of gay activists this weekend by allowing anti-gay marriage group Minnesota for Marriage to set up a booth at the fair. Local activist Nick Espinosa, known for organizing the gay barbarian flashmob and glitter-bombing at Marcus Bachmann's clinic this summer, decided to protest the booth's presence, claiming that pro-gay marriage activists were excluded from the fair.

As usual, Espinosa chose the least violent, most colorful protest yet known to man. But this time, with a bit of height added to the mix, the glitter-bomb was likely the most spectacular one yet.

Espinosa's pranksters should get credit for their ingenuity in glitter-bombing the anti-gay booth, but this is perhaps the wrong audience: Most fair-goers couldn't be bothered to look up from fried foods and beer for more than a second or two.

Still, the message has been sent: Anti-gay marriage advocates will be given no safe haven, not even in their own booth at the state fair.

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