Minnesota snowpocalypse 2014: Top tweets

Snowpocalypse 2014 brought eight inches or more of white stuff down upon us. The end result is a gridlocked Friday afternoon that has the vibe of the pleasant snow days of our childhood, at least for those of us who can avoid the roads.

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As is the case whenever the weather gods attack us, Twitter is a fun place to be right about now. Here are 15 most amusing snowpocalypse tweets we've seen.

15. Preparation

14. And then it began


12. Snowpocalypse does have its perks

11. North America's most romantic city, everyone!

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9. We're not sure if this is real or not, but it's definitely cute

8. Franken's Republican challenger

7. Points for creativity

6. Not a snow pic, but a good one nonetheless

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5. Karma

4. Brutal

3. Even worse

2. The caption could use some work, but nice graphic

1. The weather gods have been heel-turning on us for months now, so this comes as no surprise, really


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