Minnesota senators not accepting their salary: The full list

​Yesterday, we rolled out a list of all 48 House representatives who've refused their wages as long as there's a government shutdown.

Today, we bring you the senators. And there aren't a whole lot of 'em.


Dayton announced he would not be taking his salary in late June. Soon after, Republican Senate Majority leader Amy Koch announced that she would also turn down her paycheck.

As the political pressure to decline pay mounted, we assembled a preliminary list of lawmakers who also pledged not to accept their July 1 paychecks, based on responses to email inquiries. However, when we checked the list of House members yesterday, it showed a few of the reps hadn't put their money where their mouth was.

No such scofflaws in the Senate, however. Those who told us they'd be declining their pay followed through. There just aren't a whole lot of them.

In alphabetical order, here are the senators who declined the latest installment of their $31,000 salary:

Michelle Benson (R)
John Carlson (R)
Roger Chamberlain (R)
Ted Daley (R)
John Harrington (DFL)
Bill Ingebrigsten (R)
Amy Koch (R)
Ted Lillie (R)
Tony Lourey (DFL)
James Metzen (DFL)
Jeremy Miller (R)
Carla Nelson (R)
Julie Rosen (R)
David Senjem (R)

Three senators -- Gary Dahms (R), Kathy Sheran (DFL), and John Pederson (R) -- requested that their pay be withheld, but the checks were already processed, according to Eileen Lunzer with fiscal services. If the shutdown drags on past July (God forbid) they will not accept checks for August.

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