Minnesota senate votes to put anti-gay amendment on the ballot

The majority of these guys, today, are totally the worst.
The majority of these guys, today, are totally the worst.

You can't marry your gay partner in Minnesota. It's illegal. But for a majority of Minnesota lawmakers, it's not illegal enough.

State Republicans want gay marriage to be unconstitutional, and today the Senate voted to put that constitutional amendment before voters in next year's election.

The measure still has to pass the House, where a Republican majority will almost certainly move it forward. But as a constitutional referendum, it doesn't require the Governor's approval.

So we can look forward to an extra-special election season next year: not only will the ordinary electoral ridiculosity be dialed up to 11 by a presidential election glutted for the first time with more or less completely unrestrained corporate money; we're also going to get months and months of fevered debate over whether the discriminatory dungeon we've thrown gay Minnesotans into is dark and dank enough.

As Sen. Scott Dibble, the only openly gay member of the senate, said today, that's not exactly the kind of public conversation you want to inflict on gay youth in a state where bullying and isolation are already driving many of them to kill themselves.

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