Minnesota roofer part of alleged human trafficking scheme

Minnesota roofer part of alleged human trafficking scheme
Photo by chimothy27

A Minnesota roofing company is implicated in an alleged 14-state human trafficking scheme to lure illegal immigrants to the United States to become "modern-day slaves," according to federal prosecutors.

There is a 45-count indictment in the case out of Kansas City including charges of labor racketeering, forced labor trafficking and immigration violations, according to a report on the Pioneer Press site.

The workers were allegedly threatened with deportation and had to live in bad housing while working for low pay under fraudulent labor leasing contracts.

More from the AP/Pioneer Press:

Abrorkhodja Askarkhodjaev, aka Arbror, owned and operated a labor leasing company, Giant Labor Solutions in Kansas City, Mo. Through that company, Abror secured fraudulent labor leasing contracts with clients in the hotel/resort, casino, and construction industries in the 14 states.

Laborfix International in Kansas City, Mo., was used with Nodirbek Abdoollayev, also of Kansas City, to fulfill the labor-leasing contract that Giant Labor Solutions secured with Kato Roofing, which has offices in Mankato and Savage.

According to its Web site, Kato Roofing is owned and operated by Jeff Hagen and Ron Hill, both Mankato natives.

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