Minnesota Republicans Show a $1.5 Million Allergy to Fiscal Responsibility

The state GOP is deluged in debt.

The state GOP is deluged in debt.

The Minnesota Republican Party, known for its constant braying about "fiscal responsibility," may want to learn to walk it like it talks it. State GOPers are spending so far beyond their means that they were forced to get a line of credit just to cover day-to-day expenses.

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After November's elections, the party showed a $1.5 million debt. So it had to take a $75,000 line of credit with Alliance Bank -- while owing $85,000 to other banks.

The GOP's woes are nothing new. Its books have been a disaster for years. At one time, the party was more than $2 million in debt, though officials are reluctant to discuss their misadventures. Calls the Republican HQ went unanswered.

Alas, the DFL also appears to suck at this whole budgeting thing. After last month's elections, the state party was in the red to the tune of about $500,000.

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