Minnesota Republicans call Keith Ellison 'Muslim Goat Humper'


Only the most gifted kind of racist could see an urban liberal out on a turkey hunt and somehow envision a Muslim stereotype. 

Never underestimate the 7th Congressional District Republicans. On Monday, a post on the official Facebook page of that unit of the Republican Party of Minnesota tried going after DFL U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, who represents the area, by connecting him to DFL U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, who represents Minneapolis. 

By Monday night, the newly elected Republican Party of Minnesota chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan, was forced to call out the hateful chuckleheads on her side, calling the post "repugnant hate speech," and saying whoever published it should resign immediately. 

Only a couple weeks ago, conservative activists in the 7th CD held a "celebrate President Trump" rally, where more than one speaker -- including Rep. Tim Miller, R-Prinsburg, a challenger for Peterson's seat -- said they were engaged in "war" with the other side. This offensive Facebook post credits conservative provocateur asshole (and recent Minnesota-visitor) David Horowitz for saying we are "in a war." 

Against whom? Against Keith Ellison, that "raving, Louis Farakhan supporting, anti-Semite, anti-white, racist and fascist American. And our current Rep. Collin Peterson take this lunatic Turkey Hunting. . .”

[Editor's note: The capitalization scheme suggests Peterson and Ellison might have been hunting the country of Turkey, in which case, both should resign from Congress.]

That's a very scary description of Keith Ellison. Let's try another one. They've declared war against whom? Against Keith Ellison, a Woody Guthrie-singing, call-from-his-mom-getting, bring-Elmo-to-Congress kind of guy.

Man your battle stations, racists!

The 7th CD GOP included an offensive meme for good measure.

[Editor's note: "Sliding" is probably supposed to be "sidling." The meme is also missing the word "are" between "Refugees" and "coming," and the concept of humanity, throughout.]

DFL Chairman Ken Martin said the post is "disgusting," especially as it aimed at "a champion of inclusiveness in our state and across the country." He called on Carnahan to denounce whoever had done it. About an hour later, she had, responding with a Facebook post of her own.

Carnahan wrote: "The recent 7th Congressional District Republican Facebook post is repugnant hate speech and in no way reflects the values of the Minnesota Republican Party, or the 7th Congressional District Republicans. I have asked for the immediate resignation of the individual responsible for this action. As Chair, I will not tolerate such activity from anyone associated with our party."

Be ready, 7th CD Republican activists. It appears your latest "war" was declared on common decency.