Minnesota Republican senator turns George Floyd's murder into pro-life argument

Also included: a video about the recent protests and unrest in Minneapolis that does not mention Floyd at all.

Also included: a video about the recent protests and unrest in Minneapolis that does not mention Floyd at all. Facebook

State Sen. Dan Hall (R-Burnsville) would like to remain a state senator.

To that end, he’s published a few short videos on his campaign’s Facebook page, explaining what his political views are all about. He has one about “family,” one about “funding our schools,” and one titled, simply, “Why are sports so important?”

“I’m glad, especially, that girls have gotten into sports,” he says. “Today, they play almost every sport.”

But besides that slow pitch over the plate, there are a few curveballs—the curviest of which is a video called “Respecting the sanctity of life.”

Abortion isn’t an uncommon talking point for Republicans trying to get back into office, but Hall has a rather unexpected way of articulating his pro-life stance.

“When I saw the video of George Floyd being killed, my stomach turned,” he said. “It was terrible to just watch.”

Yeah, it was. But what does that have to do with—? Ooooohhh no…

“But it reminded me of the discussions we have at the Capitol on sanctity of life,” he continued. “How important life is from conception ’til death. It’s important that we hold that dear to each of us, and we need to protect life in every situation—protect the unborn. Not just those that are born.”

You can watch the whole thing here.

We were particularly impressed with Hall’s ability to talk about a Black man from Minneapolis being murdered by police without addressing the specifics of the case, police brutality, or how race intersects with law enforcement. We reached out to ask Hall how he made that particular leap, and whether he felt it was appropriate to conflate these issues, but he didn’t respond.

Hall does have a video on law enforcement called “Keeping our community safe,” in which he does not mention Floyd, but does mention the protests that followed.

“Even when they started burning down Minneapolis, there were threats that they were coming to Walmart in Burnsville and Target, so they were shut down, and they had cops down in Target,” he said. “So, it’s really important for us to know that we’re safe. And we have a safe community, but we don’t want that stuff coming out here, and it will if we don’t stop it now.”

Hall’s previous contributions to the Minnesota Legislature include celebrating the defeat of a conversion therapy ban with an ex-gay Christian organization on Pride weekend, and insisting public schools be allowed to display the slogan “In God We Trust,”—an important national motto he claimed “wasn’t about religion,” even though it contains the word “God” and has only been around since 1956.