Minnesota Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan alleges racism within her party

Carnahan naming names, but claims that even Republican Party executives have called her "dragon lady" and "ch*nk."

Carnahan naming names, but claims that even Republican Party executives have called her "dragon lady" and "ch*nk." Matt Gillmer

Republican Party chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan returned from Donald Trump's Duluth rally riding what she calls a "red tsunami" of support for the president in Greater Minnesota.

The crowds were great, Carnahan announced triumphantly on social media. They cheered on cue. They vowed to vote for candidates who fell in line behind Trump, and turn Minnesota red.

But it turns out that was just a fraction of the story. Carnahan's also been holding on to some major misgivings about her fellow Republicans' behavior, which she saved for one long grievance bomb in a Facebook post Friday. (The post isn't available for all of Carnahan's followers to see, but Crystal City Councilman Jeff Kolb was nice enough to grab screenshots.)



Carnahan, the party's first Asian American leader, says one guy approached her at the Trump rally and called her "disgusting." She says she gets denigrating emails from people who say she doesn't measure up to the male GOP chairs of the past. Other party executive committee members have allegedly been calling her names like "dragon lady" and "ch*nk."

Kolb called on Carnahan to name the culprits as long as she's making public accusations. Rep. Nick Zerwas (R-Elk River) tweeted, "Any member of our leadership team that made those comments about our Chair should resign their position immediately." But so far, Carnahan has declined to produce receipts.

"My post was to promote how much I appreciate and respect and admire my father!" she responded to City Pages in a text message.

This isn't the first time the Republican chairwoman has accused people of bullying her without follow-up or explanation, as Kolb pointed out.

Earlier this month, Carnahan called out Republican operative-turned-Minnpost columnist Michael Brodkorb, accusing him of calling her a "hooker" and a "drug pusher" behind her back. That tweet has since been deleted.