Minnesota Recount: 10 challenged ballots

Some challenges are frivolous. Some aren't.

Some challenges are frivolous. Some aren't.

Jockeying between Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer in the governor's race recount doesn't look like it's going to change Dayton's margin of victory, at least not right now. But we got to wondering some some of these challenged ballots looked like.

Some have been funny: One wag wrote in Bob Dylan for a judicial post in Ramsey County. Other challenges are truly frivolous: Team Emmer claimed that a ballot with no choice marked for governor might have really been a vote for Emmer.

But a lot of the challenges are legitimate, and they're going to be haggled over once all the precincts have completed the manual recount. Here are 10 examples from counties. Take a look. You have to wonder what some voters are thinking when they exercise their democratic rights.