Minnesota pregnancy-test dispenser to be featured on "The Doctors" TV show

The pregnancy-test dispenser at Pub 500 in Mankato will be discussed on "The Doctors."
The pregnancy-test dispenser at Pub 500 in Mankato will be discussed on "The Doctors."
Photo courtesy of Tom Frederick.

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Bathroom pregnancy test dispensers -- one of Minnesota's latest claims to, um, fame -- will reach a national TV audience this week on the show "The Doctors," according to the Mankato Free Press.

In July, Mankato bar Pub 500, with the help of nonprofit group Health Brains for Children, installed the "first ever" pregnancy-test dispenser in its women's bathroom. The hope, according to Jody Allen Crowe, Healthy Brains for Children's director, is that women will abstain from drinking alcohol if they know they are pregnant.

At 2 p.m. this Friday, "The Doctors," a CBS show that features a panel of physicians discussing medical issues, will feature Dr. Lisa talking about the dangers of drinking while pregnant, according to Tom Frederick, owner of Pub 500.

Frederick told the Free Press that he had been contacted months ago about the pregnancy-test dispenser being featured on the show, but that he was interviewed only recently.

Soon, bathroom pregnancy-test dispensers will be not only a Mankato thing, but a Twin Cities thing as well. Last month, Crowe told us Healthy Brains for Children's next initiative will be to install the dispensers in bars and colleges in the metro area.

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